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The Different Areas of Web Design

Web design covers a number of different disciplines and skills in the development and maintaining of websites. The various different areas of web design are web graphics design; website authoring, including basic web language, proprietary software and standardised coding; user experience designing; and search engine optimisation.

The web graphics design area includes the use of images to provide a graphical representation of the content on a website. This can be achieved through the use of images such as photographs, illustrations or video. This also incorporates the use of Flash, JavaScript, or a combination of these technologies. The primary concern with this type of web design is that the images used should not be too distracting to the user, which may lead to distraction, or confusion for the users when they are trying to find what they are looking for. Get quality and affordable website design services from this firm.

The website authoring area of the web design process involves the design of content onto a website. It may include creating text as well as images for a website, and modifying text or images to suit the purpose of the website. The main concern with this area is that the content on the website is consistent, so that the users are able to navigate the pages without having to retype information or having to look around.

User Interface designing is using to create a user-friendly environment within a website. User interfaces involve a series of controls, which are accessible to the end user, such as buttons and menus. The user interface needs to work together with the web page as a whole, so that all elements of the page make sense, and there are no visual inconsistencies or gaps in the web page. Find out more about web designing here:

The authoring area of the Web design process is concerned with the creation of the website's code. The design and web graphic designer need to work together with the developer to come up with the code that will be used within the website. This is often used to create website templates, allowing the designer to get an idea of what the website will look like before the actual code has been created.

The search engine optimisation area of the web design process refers to methods of promoting the website by getting it listed on the major search engines. The main purpose of this area is to get the website listed in the search engines so that visitors can find it. and thus have an easier time finding the website. Visit this site for more details about website designing.

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